Special wish for a special gentleman

Frank Rose with Captain Glyn Barraclough
Frank Rose with Captain Glyn Barraclough

A resident at Garioch Care Home received a visit from a very special guest last week.

Over the past few months, activity co-ordinator at the home, Annamarie Weston, had been working on a wish for Frank Rose.

Frank has been a resident at the home for a few years and staff struggled to come up with an idea for his wish.

Annamarie said: “As I was aware that Frank was a serving gentleman many years ago I thought a wish relating to his history would be more suitable.”

After four months of trying to get something arranged, she received a response from Captain Glyn Barraclough, Serving Permanent Staff Admin Officer saying that he had received emails regarding Frank and that he would do some research into some of the serving members that were still alive and see what information he could find out.

Captain Barraclough made the surprise visit to Frank’s home on Thursday, October 26 from Aldershot Barracks.

Frank dressed up for the occasion in his Evening Foreign Mess attire which he wore when he was in Singapore.