Steak is the theme at Farmers Market

LAST week’s Farmers’ Market was centered around steak. Organiser, Ron Reid ran a competition featuring four well-known steaks and four lesser known, cheaper cuts.

The competition attracted 43 entries, but no-one had more than five correct answers. While most were able to identify the big four - fillet, sirloin, ribeye and rump, people tended to be confounded by the others.

On show was Bavette (flank steak), said to be popular in France and Mexico, flat iron (sometimes called butler steak) which is becoming much more popular in butchery and the restaurant trade, Glasgow fillet (shoulder), full of flavour and normally slow cooked but can be grilled or fried, and onglet (hanger steak). Onglet is the diaphragm muscle and is popular in French Bistros.

Market manager, Ron Reid said: “The steak competition has gone much better than I’d hoped. When the weather was good over the weekend, people were out but when it rained it chased people away. Most of the stall holders have an agricultural background, so they can cope with a bit of weather.

“We were very pleased with the results of the competition. If everyone had it right, there would have been nothing to learn - but even the meat inspector didn’t get it all right, so we can enjoy working at our steaks, which are, after all, the best in the world.”

Winners of the competition are Heather Bisset and Anette Black, each of whom will receive £20 vouchers from Ron, to spend at any of the stalls at the next market on Saturday, June 11.

The proceeds of the competition are destined for the new committee formed to promote Inverurie commercially and socially. The committee has not been formally named to date.