Street art mooves to town

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A PIECE of colourful and innovative street art was unveiled at the Market Square earlier this week created by local artist Mike Jenkins and commissioned by Farmer’s Market manager, Ron Reid after a holiday in Canada.

He said: “The idea came when I visited my son in Nova Scotia – they paint their street furniture boxes to brighten up the environment. We need more smiling here – more fun, so I thought it would be a good idea. “If it makes people smile as they go past, then it has certainly done its job.”

But the artwork also has a significant message. Ron continued: “It’s also to celebrate and promote the local area and its produce – to remind people of our world-class local produce and what a great environment we live in - what is produced here for our table and our local economy.”

Kintore artist Mike Jenkins, winner of the Touched by Scotland prize at the Gordon Forum for the Arts exhibition, 2011, explained: “I’ve done just about everything else, but never anything like this. Just the fact that it’s so different is inspiration alone.”

“Originally Ron wanted me to paint it in-situ but that wasn’t practical given the weather, so I decided to paint it under cover at home.

“He gave me a rough idea of what to paint on the junction box, but apart from the steak and chips on the top, he gave me a free hand.

“He mentioned local scenery, so Bennachie obviously had to feature in the forefront.

“I painted it on vinyl and laminated it to protect it from the weather and from graffiti artists in case they want to put their own interpretation on it. Any kind of paint will just wash off.”

Local Roads Manager Ian Rendall commented: “This is a piece of equipment, a control box that controls the pelican crossing outside Mitchells, so it’s a nice idea.

“It’s a first for Inverurie and it’s nice to see it trialled here. I like it, it’s good and it fits in well with the Farmers Market, the Traders and Inverurie events, all of whom are involved in promoting Inverurie.”