Successful Pigeon Show held in Inverurie

The North of Scotland Federation held a very successful Pigeon Show at the Inverurie Loco Works FC on Saturday, January 25.

Wednesday, 26th February 2014, 10:42 am
Back (L-R): Sandy Milne, Jim Coutts, George Duncan, Paul Thomson, Sandy Robb, Eric Yule Front (L-R): Willie Ross, Dick Adams, Nicky Yule

274 birds were entered into the ten classes on the day, and were judged by Lesley Milne, George Weatherly, Scott and Sandy Robertson, Jim Cowie and Jackie Mackie of the Cowie and Mackie Partnership, Willie Ross, Robbie Thomson and Willie Davidson. Participants came from as far afield as Wick and Montrose to take part. All the judges kindly gave a 2014 young bird for the sale, which raised £1042.


Flown Old Cocks: 1: Erick Yule; 2: Erick Yule; 3: Erick Yule; 4: Alistair Reid

Flown Old Hens: 1: Gavin Russell; 2: Jim Coutts & Son; 3: Mike Massie; 4: Gordon Campbell

Likeliest Old Cock: 1: Andy Wilson; 2: Erick Yule; 3: Erick Yule; 4: Andy Higgins

Likeliest Old Hen: 1: Andy Wilson; 2: Alistair Reid; 3: Andy Wilson; 4: Andy Higgins

Through The Wires Cock: 1: Jim Coutts & Son; 2: Dick Adams; 3: Paul Bakewell; 4: Alistair Reid

Through The Wires Hen: 1: Bob McDonald; 2: Andy Higgins; 3: Jim Coutts & Son; 4: Erick Yule

Flown Young Cock: 1: Andy Higgins; 2: Alistair Reid; 3: Gavin Russell; 4: Erick Yule

Flown Young Hen: 1: Gavin Russell; 2: Davy Barry; 3: Andy Wilson; 4: Paul Thomson

Likeliest Young Cock: 1: Andy Higgins; 2: George Duncan; 3: Erick Yule; 4: Dougie Feeks

Likeliest Young Hen: 1: Alistair Reid; 2: Andy Higgins; 3: Gavin Russell; 4: Graeme Scott

Best in show:Gavin Russell; Best opposite sex: Andy Wilson; Best Young Bird: Alistair Reid; Best opposite sex: Andy Higgins