Support for compulsive eaters

An Overeaters Anonymous poster
An Overeaters Anonymous poster

A local Overeaters Anonymous group has been set up to provide help and support for those who feel they have a problem with compulsive eating.

Overeaters Anonymous (OA) is a 12-step Fellowship of people recovering from compulsive eating.

However OA is not a diet club and is dedicated to helping people recover from compulsive eating as well as anorexia, bulimia, food addiction and obesity.

One member of OA, whose name we have changed to protect her anonymity, lives locally and is reaching out to those in the area who feel they have an ongoing issue with food.

Amy said: “I have spent my life dieting, I used to diet at school, binge eat and diet again, I was always obsessed with my weight.

“Going to groups like Weight Watchers may fill a need for some people but I had tried them all for years in the hope that they would solve my problem but they didn’t help.

“I even went to my doctor but they didn’t help either.

“I discovered Overeaters Anonymous online five years ago as there were no meetings in the local area, however the site provided me with online support.

“I found recovery by the OA 12-step programme.”

Amy explained: “OA provide a series of steps for you to work through, and by doing so it helps you to work through your eating problems and you learn how to deal with them.

“By working through the steps in the programme you get access to one-on-one support and now I’m at the stage where I am providing support to others.

“The support network is worldwide so you can be speaking to someone in America or Australia, we all come together to help each other out.”

Overeaters Anonymous meetings are currently held in Aberdeen, but Amy is hoping that the meetings can become more localised if there is enough need for it.

The meetings are held twice a week at The Foyer on Marywell Street.

The first meeting is on Monday from 7-8pm and the second is on Friday from 5.30-6.30pm.

Amy added: “With OA there are no fees, weigh-ins or diet sheets but there is a lifetime of support.

“It doesn’t focus on what foods you can or can’t eat, it simply looks at food behaviours.”

For more information on Overeaters Anonymous you can contact or visit the group’s website at