SWRI changes discussed

Collieston and Slains SWRI members spent some time at their February meeting discussing the new changes to the institute being implemented by the SWRI executive.

It has been agreed to remove the word ‘Rural’ as it no longer represents the breadth of the organisation.

The idea is to show it is a contemporary organisation appealing to 21st century women.

From March it will be known as Scottish Women’s Institutes, with a new modern logo reflecting its Scottish heritage, and a new motto, Women Together.

Members expressed a mixed reaction to the changes.

The meeting also arranged teams for a quiz night and a whist night being held early in March by other branches, and finalised details for the entries for the Ellon Bulb and Flower Show to be held on March 14.

The floor was then taken by Professor Pete Smith from the Institute of Biological & Environmental Science at Aberdeen University.

He gave an entertaining and informative PowerPoint presentation about the global impact of climate change, stressing that urgent action is required by all of us in the use of fossil fuels and suggesting that implementing certain radical changes in weaning ourselves off those fossil fuels.

The meeting was well supported by the local community and many searching and well-informed questions came from the floor after his talk.