Time travel in Kintore!

Kintore novellist Nancy Jardine who's latest work "The Taexali Game" is out this week.
Kintore novellist Nancy Jardine who's latest work "The Taexali Game" is out this week.

Kintore author and ex-primary teacher Nancy Jardine will officially release her seventh novel on Friday, May 22.

“The Taexali Game”, Book One of her “Rubidium Time Travel Series of Adventures”, is her most locally set novel to date.

The action takes place in Kintore and around the Garioch area of Aberdeenshire in AD 210, during the invasion of the legions of Septimius Severus, Emperor of Rome.

This novel, intended for Middle Grade/ YA readers, and older readers who love a good adventure, is dedicated to former primary seven pupils at Kintore Primary School.

At the end of a term’s study of Celtic / Roman Britain (during 2004), her primary seven pupils wrote some fantastic short stories about a local Celtic tribe who were invaded by soldiers of the Ancient Roman Empire.

Those short stories were so excellent Nancy jokingly claimed she’d write a full length novel herself someday, one that would be a companion novel for a Celtic/ Roman school project which could be read and shared as a class novel.

It’s taken many years for this adventure tale to transpire but she always knew it would happen.

The Taexali Game is available from Amazon in paperback and kindle formats.

It will also be available at FOCUS Craft Fairs around Aberdeenshire and can be ordered directly from the author.

All are welcome to pop into the official Facebook Event that’s on-line to launch the novel on Friday, May 22.

Participate in fun quizzes featuring Celts and Romans and win a novelty prize.

The grand prize of a signed paperback of The Taexali Game could be yours, or if you only read on kindle three review e-copies will also be on offer as prizes.

Search for Nancy’s page on Facebook for more details.

Contact Nancy or find updates on her writing at these author links:

Blog and website: www.nancyjardine.blogspot.co.uk (blog) and www.nancyjardineauthor.com (website).

Twitter @nansjar.

Facebook: Search for Nancy Jardine.