Town Park deferred

PLANNING permission in principle for a residential development that would act as enabling development for Kintore Town Park was deferred for further discussions by members of the Garioch Area Committee on Tuesday (May 29).

The application generated 13 letters of representation from 10 households raising concerns including that the proposal does not comply with policy, it is outwit Kintore settlement, concerns over privacy, drainage, and inadequate school and leisure provision.

The application would see 150 houses built at Woodside Croft, Midmill in Kintore, and the Council’s Planning and Environmental Service would require a slow and phased release of the new housing in order to ensure adequate provision of education. However it also admits that there would be a need for a “temporary rezoning of the school catchment for housing within this development”.

The committee were informed that the application, in various forms, had taken around nine years to reach the present stage, and a lot of circumstances had changed in that time.

East Garioch Cllr Martin Ford said that he was very keen to see the Town Park developed but was unhappy that the size of the park had been cut by a third. He also highlighted “the acute pressures effecting Kintore Primary School, which he felt were understated in the report. Although he didn’t think the application could or should be refused he recommended deferral to carry out negotiations over the size of the park and for more comprehensive information regarding educational provision.

Fellow East Garioch Cllr Fergus Hood agreed with Cllr Ford, saying “I have severe doubts regarding the capacity of Kintore Primary.” he pointed out to committee members that providing relocatable classrooms had already cost the Council around £1 million, and that he believed that there were still children not yet of school age who would use up any projected capacity.

Cllr Martin Kitts-Hayes expressed concerns that Kintore had “almost been closed for business for some time” due to the situation with the school, but felt some progress had been made.

Members voted in favour of deferring the application to allow further discussions with the developer.