Disappointment at Kintore Station construction date

Kintore Crossing
Kintore Crossing

LOCAL councillors have expressed disappointment at the time-scale given for work to begin on the long-awaited railway station in Kintore.

East Garioch councillors Nan Cullinane, Martin Ford and Fergus Hood wrote jointly to the Scottish Transport Minister in January asking for a firmer date for the start of construction, than the 2014-2019 earlier indicated.

The reply from the Transport Minister has advised that substantial track and signalling improvements are required prior to construction of the station, and these improvements would begin in 2016. Construction of the new station itself will take place between 2016-2019, subject to funding.

Although the councillors have welcomed the continued progress, they have expressed disappointment at the proposed time-scale given.

Cllr Nan Cullinane said, “I am pleased to see that the project is going ahead and that the work is anticipated to start in 2016 on the track and signalling improvements. However, the time-scale of delivery for the Kintore Station is still far too long.”

Cllr Martin Ford said, “Of course, it’s good to have a definite start date when work is expected to get underway on significant upgrading of the Aberdeen to Inverness line. But it has taken a ridiculously long time to get to this stage. Kintore should not have had to wait this long for a new station.”

Cllr Fergus Hood said, “I am pleased that the minister has now given a commitment that work will commence on the track work for the new Kintore rail station in 2016. However the work on the train station and associated car park infrastructure should commence at the same time; it is not acceptable for the track improvements to be done in isolation.”