Trail of damage as storms lash north-east Scotland

NORTH-EAST residents are clearing up the mess, after high winds caused significant damage across the north-east of Scotland.

Wednesday, 26th September 2012, 1:38 pm

Monday and Tuesday saw the country battered by high winds and heavy rain, which caused damage across the region. Wind speeds reached 70mph on Tuesday, with the Met Office issuing amber warnings across the region warning of likely disruption.

Damage in the region included the partial collapse of Peterhead Academy’s gym hall roof, with foam panels ripped off and scattered down surrounding streets.

Meanwhile, in Ellon, one tree was blown down outside the town’s Academy, while another two were reportedly blown down on the golf course. One Ellon Times reader described travelling with difficulty along the A90 as cars were buffeted by powerful cross winds.

And on the coast, Footdee in Aberdeen was swamped by a tidal wave of sandy foam in a highly unusual surge in the waves near Aberdeen Harbour. The city’s traffic flow was also disrupted when trees were blown down on Union Terrace.

Meanwhile, areas further south suffered from heavy flooding, as rivers burst their banks in the northern England and Southern Scotland. Train services were disrupted, and thousands of homes were left without power.

The Met Office have stated that the winds - described as some of the worst September storms in living memory - would ease off in coming days. The official predictions for the weekend suggest that the north-east of Scotland can expect light showers, breezes, and some sunny spells.

However, amber weather warnings remain in place for most of England and Wales, where further heavy rain is expected.