Tree-mendous response to Inverurie display

The window display at Vanity featuring the "Christmas Tree Dress"
The window display at Vanity featuring the "Christmas Tree Dress"
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The Christmas window display by Inverurie’s award winning boutique Vanity has become something of an internet sensation.

The boutique on Inverurie’s West High Street featured a startling display including a “Christmas tree dress” that has generated interest across the world wide web, receiving comments from as far afield as the United States.

Cheryl Rogerson of Vanity said, “We posted the picture on Facebook which received an amazing reaction. On Facebook alone we received over 1,300 likes, over 30,200 had seen it and over 100 had shared it.

“Again we received Re-Tweets on twitter from Yvie Burnett the famous singing coach, STV, local and afar businesses and also a company from America e-mailed us to say they had seen our window and loved it!”

Cheryl added, “People popping into the shop as they walk by just to say how beautiful and stroke of genius it is. I couldn’t have wished for a better reaction!”