Trefoil Guild November meeting

GORDON Trefoil Guild met in Dyce Church Hall in November where members were welcomed by Chairman Marty Donaldson.

The speaker was Victoria Ward, curator from Aberdeen Art Gallery, who is responsible for the large collection of costumes held by the gallery, some donated, some purchased. There are over 8000 items including dresses, shoes, hats and bags, mainly women’s outfits.

Victoria called her talk “Shape Shifters” alluding to the effect of women’s fashions on the human form. The Victorian and Edwardian periods were covered showing the changing fashions, from the many petticoats of the early Victorian period to the crinoline which was supported by a cage which made the wearer appear to float over the floor, to the more comfortable wear of the Edwardian period.

A very small waist was seen as essential by society ladies, tight boned bodices were worn which were laced at the back and pulled so that the waist was reduced as much as possible. There were health issues - the crinoline was a fire hazard and caused falls due the voluminous skirts and tight bodices caused fainting, distortion of the rib cage, and some women had their lower ribs removed so that their waist was even smaller. World War One changed women’s outlook and less restrictive garments began to be worn.

Everyone was fascinated by Victoria’s talk, and refreshments were enjoyed afterwards.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, December 12, 2pm in Ellon Guide Hut (please note venue change).