Turbine decision deferred for site visit

AN application for two wind turbines at East Leylodge, Kintore by Muirden Energy, Turriff was deferred by members of the Garioch Area Committee on Tuesday, (January 31) to allow members to visit the site.

The turbines are two ASCA A29 225kw models on 32.4 metre masts.

The application generated 78 letters of representation, of which 9 were in support, 24 were proforma letters of support, 42 were letters of objection and a 77 signatory petition.

The supporting letters stated that green energy should be supported, that the turbines support Government policy on renewable energy, support of sustainability and associated economic benefits.

The objections raised concerns regarding, road safety, impact, noise, shadow flicker, effect on wildlife, impact on property values and saftey7 concerns due to proximity of power lines.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Planning and Environmental Services have recommended the application for approval.