Urgent need to rid town of ‘eyesore’ site

Refusal of the application now would mean that the site would continue to remain an eyesore, which is scarcely what the town needs in the very year the new Ellon Academy is scheduled to open its doors just down the road.

In fact, I am not even sure our normally docile local community council got it right when they challenged the application on the grounds of it might be inappropriate and not in keeping with the local built environment.

In other words, all those many applications which have been approved over the years were deemed to be appropriate.

Somehow I don’t think so, making me wonder if there was more to this scheme than meets the eye. After all, Aberdeenshire Council’s own planning department had given the application its backing.

The one thing that is for sure is the fact that should this revised proposal for the filling station site not succeed, in the meantime the appalling eyesore will be there until a fresh application is submitted, and we all know just how long that will take.

Do the good citizens of Ellon really want this blot on the landscape to be the first thing visitors see when they drive into the town? I think not.

But while I am on about our local community council can I just remind the public that it is more than two years since Ellon’s secret garden was a major talking point with promises that the Ellon Castle grounds would soon be unveiled to the community.

At the time I was told in no uncertain terms to be patient, and all would soon be revealed.

Well I have been patient, along with members of the community, all keen to see what was behind the castle walls.

So how much longer do we have to wait, especially those of us who made donations to a trust, all of 30 years or more ago.

It is one thing to be patient, but for heaven’s sake some of us are liable to have passed on by the time the garden’s secrets are made public.

So to those of you who are sitting on this project, I ask you to come up front and at least tell us why there is a delay in letting the rest of us know just exactly what is going on.

The organisers of the trust were very quick to take our donations, but not so keen it would seem to let us share in whatever lies behind the Ellon Castle walls.