Warm welcome for renovated fountain

Councillor Martin Ford at the Kintore fountain
Councillor Martin Ford at the Kintore fountain

The fountain at The Square in Kintore was renovated recently and is back in use again, much to the delight of local residents.

Councillor Martin Ford welcomed the move and said: “I’m very pleased Aberdeenshire Council has been able to get the fountain renovated and working again.

“It’s in a prominent site in The Square surrounded by several historic buildings. Not least, it’s part of the setting for the Town House.

“Every year, there is also a fine floral display in the centre of Kintore organised and maintained by volunteers so having the fountain broken and out of use was an unwelcome detraction. Now the fountain is again the decorative feature it was always intended to be.”

He added: “It has taken some years to get the renovation completed owing to difficulties in finding contractors to undertake the work.

“The intention is that the fountain will operate annually during the summer months, but not during the winter because of likelihood of frost damage.”