Frozen pipes warning

Water bosses are reminding people in the North-east to be vigilant this winter.

Scottish Water’s seasonal message, “Protect your pipes - Be prepared, is advising homes and businesses of what to do to prevent frozen or burst pipes, how to locate stop valves and what to do in an emergency.

Steve Scott, the company’s regional community manager, said: “Our winter campaign aims to inform our customers, homeowners and businesses about the importance of acting now to protect their pipes to avoid the hardships that so many experienced in recent winters.

“The weather has been milder than expected but there’s no telling whether the extreme conditions of the last few years could be repeated again.

“It is sensible for customers to start thinking about protecting their pipes now and make sure they are prepared.

“Very often people think it won’t happen to them, but there are few things more upsetting than coming home or into work to find everything ankle deep in freezing water and your carpets, furniture and equipment all ruined because of a burst pipe.

“Unfortunately, many customers found out that the real problems start when temperatures begin to rise again after a cold snap. This can lead to pipes expanding and bursting.”

He added: “Customers who take action now to heat, insulate and protect their properties can avoid this considerable headache and heartache.

“The message is very much that we want to work with our customers to ensure we are all prepared.”

Recent years have seen unprecedented wintry conditions, with snow and freezing temperatures, high winds and heavy rainfall.

However, Scottish Water employees worked round the clock to maintain drinking water supply to their 2.4 million household customers.

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