Wildlife Explorers celebrate 25 years

The Kemnay Wildlife Explorers with their special birthday cake
The Kemnay Wildlife Explorers with their special birthday cake

The Kemnay RSPB Wildlife Explorers celebrated their 25th birthday on Saturday, January 21 making them the ‘oldest’ group of their kind in Scotland.

After participating in the Big Garden Bird Watch at Monymusk Park, the Wildlife Explorers enjoyed party food including a birthday cake.

They also enjoyed a slideshow of some of the group’s highlights over the last 25 years.

The group meets once a month with a mixture of indoor meetings and outdoor excursions in the summer and offering opportunities for local children from a wide area including Inverurie, Alford and surrounding districts to get connected to nature.

Patricia Snowden is the main leader of the Kemnay RSPB Wildlife Explorers group, which has been going since 1992.

She said: “It’s a great opportunity to get kids outdoors and experiencing nature. By playing and learning outdoors, we can inspire the next generation to have a lasting connection with nature and want to protect it.”

The group’s activities are aimed at children aged about 7 to 12, and are intended to be both fun and educational.

As well as outdoor meetings in the summer to places like Bennachie, the group also make homes for bats, owls and hedgehogs to help local wildlife.

Brother and sister, Lewis and Rachel Cran are current members of the group.

When asked about their favourite activities, Lewis said: “ I really enjoyed planting the trees at Netherton Business Centre in memory of Dr Piggins and the group walk around Monymusk before Christmas.”

Rachel added: “My favourite meeting was also the walk around Monymusk and meeting Helen at the Bennachie centre on the Moth watch night as I was able to tell her all about the moth I’d seen at Drum castle in the summer holidays.”

Jasper Hamlet, Youth and Families Officer for RSPB Scotland, said: “25 years is a fantastic achievement for the volunteers of Kemnay RSPB Wildlife Explorers and a landmark worth celebrating!

“Over the last quarter of a century, they have provided brilliant opportunities for young people and families in and around Kemnay to get outside, explore, discover and learn about the natural world and the wonders of nature.”

For more information about the Kemnay RSPB Wildlife Explorers group visit rspb.org.uk/groups.