Blustery conditions test anglers at Lochter

THE fish do not appear to like the stormy water and anglers had to seek out the more sheltered corners where feeding fish had congregated at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum

Monday, 17th September 2012, 12:58 pm

The surface action was much reduced but the fish were there to be caught a few feet down. John Wright used a Fritz Montana to catch and release nine, Stuart Ellington from Aberdeen also had nine on a WSW and a white Fritz. He kept one for his tea and returned the others. An olive Fritz worked well for Paul Keir who netted eight while WSW`s were the choice of Jock Ewing and L Mess who had 17 between them. Top scorer of the week was Peter Young who used a variety of flies to tempt a wonderful total of 17.

It definitely was a week for lures and intermediate lines and the forecast is for more blustery weather in the first half of the week,though hopefully not quite as stormy and with more settled conditions at the weekend. Anglers who vary their tactics to suit the conditions will continue to bring trout to the net as there are plenty of hungry fish out there filling up for winter.