Germany and Spain for the Final

TWO weeks into Euro 2012 and my interest is waning, writes Jack Nixon.

Not I should point out in the football, which is in the main very, very good, but in the perpetual rabbiting on of TV pundits and commentators.

I don’t know who is the worst, I just know that the Nixon household, or at least half of it, has resorted to watching the games with the sound down, or indeed off.

Alan Hansen is probably the worst of both sets of interrupters, changing his allegiance to suit his paymasters.

But enough of the whingeing about a fine tournament graced by two, maybe three of the best countries in the world game, including Germany, Spain and at a pinch Italy, who can never be written off once they get past the qualifiers, as indeed they have just done.

I am, however, standing by Germany and Spain to make the final, which means discounting England and the other also rans in the tournament, though Portugal could yet leave me with egg on my face. We’ll see.

Spain may not be everyone’s cup of tea with their over elaboration, though I would call it skill.

Just ask the luckless Croatians, who came so near on Monday night, but were foiled by a late winner from the World and European champions.

The individual skills are something to behold, but for me it’s the total commitment to teamwork which makes them the side to fear.

Similarly the Germans have a great understanding of what is going on out there against any side, and they are never usually very far away.

Great control, great technique, even if they don’t have the flair of the world champions. God I sound like Hansen, so enough.

Next week this rugby man will turn the spotlight on the best players of the tournament as we prepare for the final, for without them we would not have those magic moments that are making it so enjoyable.