Jamie is on the road to recovery

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WHILE many local football players and supporters have been frustrated by the lack of matches due to the recent wintry weather, spare a thought for Locos Jamie Michie, who has been out of action since breaking his leg against Fraserburgh in November last year, missing the rest of the season, and forcing him to look towards next season’s pre-season training before he can return to action.

Paul Douglas caught up with popular player, who is in his fourth season with the Harlaw Park side, on a recent visit to the ground and asked him how his recovery was progressing.

What do you remember about the incident?

“I remember taking a touch round Neil Main and taking a step with my left leg and just as I had placed my foot he tackled me, I heard a crack and knew straight away that I had done some damage.

“I couldn’t feel my foot and I immediately thought I had broken my leg or ankle. I told Ashley (physio) not to touch or move my foot as I was in too much pain. It wasn’t a bad tackle, just a hard one and I was just unlucky that my foot was planted so there was no give. I remember looking at firstly Ashley’s face when she was looking at my leg and then my Dad’s face and knew that it didn’t look too good. After taking my sock off there was a very large lump out the side of my leg“.

What was the extent of the injury?

“It’s called an ankle displacement fracture. The fibula is broken at the lower leg which caused my ankle to displace.”

I think you said there was some swelling which prevented them operating, how long between sustaining the injury and getting diagnosis and treatment and surgery?

“Just by looking at my leg the doctors that I spoke to knew I had broken something but it was just a case of determining what was broken as firstly they believed it was broken in two places with a dislocated ankle. I waited in A&E until I was x-rayed and then put into an open cast, everything was done swiftly and by late evening I was up in the ward awaiting surgery, unfortunately due to some further incidents in A&E the operation was put on hold. The surgeon came to see me the following morning and decided he’d have to wait until the swelling went down before he could operate as the swelling might not let the wound close up properly which could lead to infection etc.

“I then had to elevate my leg with ice until there was some improvement in the swelling. By the Thursday there was no improvement in the swelling and they sent me for another x ray, on getting the x ray results the surgeon decided he needed to operate as things were healing together in the wrong place. The operation then took place on the Friday.”

Did you get a lot of support from club, family and friends ?

“The support was unbelievable, the amount of calls / texts my family and I were receiving was incredible. My Mum and Dads phones were non stop the whole time I was in hospital. I had visitors in hospital at visiting time every day of the week, it was brilliant. A special thank you has to go to my Mum and Dad as they have run after me left, right and centre since the incident and I’d like to say a big thank you to them.”

How long will the recovery time be,

“I won’t play football again this season but I will be back for the start of pre season. I will hopefully be out of crutches by February and beginning to walk again, I’ll just take it as it comes and work as hard as I can to make it as quick and easy as possible.”