Glenfiddich Distillery named sponsors of local Highland Games

The Glenfiddich Distillery is set to sponsor the Grampian series of Highland Games this summer.

Sunday, 17th May 2015, 7:00 am
Glenfiddich will sponsor the Grampian Series of Highland Games

The Grampian Games comprises twelve events that take place across the region from June to September, including Oldmeldrum Sports and Highland Games, culminating with the Braemar Gathering on September 5.

Royan Graham from Glenfiddich said: “Highland Games are a wonderful showcase of traditional Scottish culture that bring together people of all ages for a spectacular
day out.

“Our longstanding involvement dates back to a time when many of the competing heavy athletes were becoming older and it was difficult to attract younger people to participate in Games due to the gulf between their abilities and that of the experienced competitors.

“We established both an overall Glenfiddich Championship to keep current athletes involved and a special Qualifying league competition for 18-25 years olds to enable them to build their skills.

“This has proved to be extremely effective with many of today’s most successful Heavies having started their careers through our Grampian Games Qualifying Championship.”

For 2015 Glenfiddich will support the Grampian Games with the continuation of both its main Glenfiddich Heavy Events Championship and the Qualifying Championship.

In addition prize money will be provided for each individual Games and the athletes will be provided with clothing and lunchboxes.