Gold Medal performances at Lochter

WELL done to Team GB and to everybody involved in London 2012 .The last two weeks have been terrific and made for addictive TV .It was great to see so many different sports represented but as yet no spot for angling.

Wednesday, 15th August 2012, 3:27 pm

Fishers from Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum did manage to drag themselves away from the TV for a bit of R & R and turned in some medal winning performances.

In bronze medal position was Jim Adie who used a well placed dry fly to tempt 16. The silver medal goes to G McLeod whose Cadis imitations and Muddlers tempted 19 while on top of the podium was Charlie McPhee who used a Black Spider and found that it was favoured by 22 nice fish.

Just out of the medals but putting in strong performances were F Simpson with 14 on Buzzers, Liam Stephen with 12e on CDC`s and Klinkhammers, Steven Coutts from Ellon also with a dozen. Denny Mackay ,L Davidson and Bill Mead with 10 apiece mainly on Buzzers, Hoppers and Daddies.

There were some days when there was plenty of surface activity but the fish proved hard to tempt. Once anglers found the correct pattern and /or depth then their fishing took off. This is likely to be the pattern for a week or two as there is plenty of natural food about. At the time of writing the harvesting has just started. As it progresses the air will be filled with clouds of corn lice which are a bonanza for trout when they fall in the water. Anglers take note and look out some suitable flies.