Indian Summer for anglers at Lochter

WHILE the spell of warm sunny weather has been welcomed by the farmers anxious to bring the harvest home it has made for tricky and testing conditions for anglers.

Monday, 10th September 2012, 11:56 am

At Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum the bright sunlight experienced on several days caused the fish to drop down in the water and as a consequence there was much less surface action. The Muckle Troot loch being the deepest of the three lochs was favoured by many anglers and lures, particularly WSW’s, Dancers and Damsel Nymphs all scored. Sandy Gray had nine, Harry Hughes seven ,Bill Middleton nine and John Nicol ten all using these flies on intermediate lines.

Not surprisingly with the harvest mites filling the air small black flies did well and Fraser Cumming used small Black Spiders to catch and release eight. During the duller spells Buzzers and Floaters also scored. A Gordon released ten on Hoppers, Ben Symonds nine on Hoppers and CDC’s, Bill Young eight using the F fly and CDC Buzzers while N Smith had ”the best two hours of my holidays” when he caught and released seven in an all action spell.

The autumn is traditionally a very productive time for anglers as fish feed hard to build up reserves for the winter ahead so fishers can look forward to a rewarding month or two. Some of the bigger trout will be seen herding the minnows and stickleback fry into the shallows before launching themselves among them. Anglers will be able to use their fry patterns to tempt some of these big fellows.