Jessica takes top award at Ellon event

Ellon’s Ladymire Equestion Centre held its annual showjumping championship trophy show on August 11 with a packed programme of classes for riders of all standards.

Thursday, 22nd August 2013, 7:00 am
Jessica Berrie on Harry Potter at Ellon's Ladymire Equestion Centre annual showjumping championship.

All classes and prizes were sponsored by Marinetronix Ltd, of Aberdeen, who also provided a champion rider’s prize.

This was won by 11-year-old Jessica Berrie, who topped four of the eight classes. Nearly every class came down to a thrilling jump-off against the clock.

Despite some sterling efforts by other riders, Jessica rode several different ponies with a calm and extremely organised technique and proved to be on top form.

Marinetronix managing director David Lorimer said: “Every class was a thrill and pleasure to watch and we are delighted to support these developing riders.

“Our congratulations to Jessica Berrie, she was a very deserving winner of the rider’s championship.”

Another rider of note was Katrina Stott who was awarded the much-deserved prize for the centre’s most improved rider.

Organisers said her developing confidence and style made her an obvious choice.


Class 1 Startup - 1st Anya Bramwell; 2nd Jai Lorimer; 3rd Leah Littlewood; 4th Joanne Hewitt; 5th Katie Thomson.

Class 2 Minamus - 1st Katie Thomson; 2nd Louise Downie; 3rd Anya Bramwell; 4th Jai Lorimer; 5th Leah Littlewood; 6th Megan Mills.

Class 3 Novice - 1st Jessica Berrie; 2nd Lauren Kelly; 3 Jessica Berrie; 4th Megan Mills; 5th Callie Lorimer; 6th Katrina Stott.

Class 4 Intermediate - 1st Jessica Berrie; 2nd Jessica Berrie; 3rd Lauren Kelly; 4th Rachel Wilson; 5th Anne Tibbles; 6th Megan Mills.

Class 5a Pre Open Junior - 1st Jessica Berrie; 2nd Rachel Wilson; 3rd Lauren Kelly; 4th equal Shannon Cullen, Megan Finnie; 5th Ballie Cursiter; 6th Callie Lorimer.

Class 5b Pre Open Adult - 1st Mechelle Lynch; 2nd Marisha Stronach; 3rd Leanne Thom; 4th Lori Summers; 5th Jessica Gall; 6th Ashley Norrie.

Class 6 Open - 1st Jessica Berrie; 2nd Mechelle Lynch; 3rd Jessica Gall; 4th Lori Summers; 5th Leanne Thom; 6th Lori Summers.

Class 7 Top Score (with joker) - 1st Mechelle Lynch; 2nd Jessica Berrie; 3rd Lori Summers; 4th equal Lauren Kelly, Megan Mills; 5th Jessica Berrie; 6th Rebecca Rogers.