A touch of Spring brings out the fishers

THERE was definitely a touch of Spring in the air last week, the mallard ducks at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum were all pairing up and cavorting around, the jackdaws were busy clearing out their nesting holes in the old Scots pine trees and daffodils put a spurt on pushing their way through the still soaking ground.

Anglers deprived of their sport for the past while were obviously triggered off by this hint of warmth in the sun were out in numbers, rods dusted down, reels oiled, flies selected and ready for action.

Most of them were not disappointed, with plenty of bags of 5 or 6 featuring in the catch record and several getting into double figures. What was also interesting was the wide variety of flies which were successful with everything from big WSW`s to tiny Buzzers all doing their stuff.

Top scorer was Steve Prince who on two visits notched up figures of 14 and 16 all caught and released on Buzzers. Other successful Buzzer men included B Ross with eight, Peter Young with 10, D Mair with nine and B Ferris with half a dozen. Bob Devlin used a mix of Cormorants and Buzzers to account for 6 while D Simpson used Dancers to successfully captivate 12 including one at 8lbs plus, and another at 6lbs plus and was naturally delighted with his day. Cats and Dancers were the successful choice of many including Jim Evans, Bob Sinclair, C Atkinson and B Whyte all of whom commented that they had fairly enjoyed their day on the waterside.

Now into March,we can reasonably expect the cold hand of winter to be gently but firmly pushed aside and to be embraced by the warm and comforting fingers of Spring. This can only be good news for the fair weather fishers who are still swithering about when to make a start to their 2014 season.