Busy week at Lochter Fishery

THROUGHOUT the week there was tremendous sport to be had as the fish were feeding on the emerging buzzers and at times the water was boiling with fish activity.

It made for exciting fishing and small black buzzers either plain or with red, orange or blue cheeks seemed to what they were after. Using this method Phil Sellor had 20, Sandy Nelson, 19, John Donaldson from Inverurie 14, Gary & Kirk Craig 13 & 7 respectively, Stevie Urquhart 9 and Ron Stewart 8 with a buzzer & Kingfisher cormorant set up.

Looking through the returns book a variety of lures proved effective throughout the week. Using a damsel fritz D. Barr had 10, J. Padens had 6 on a black fritz. Tom Wood and Ron Fraser over fishing together from Aberdeen had 5 and 14 respectively using the WSW, Nomad or Rob Roy Lure. A. Murdoch had 9 on a black and green tadpole. Using a Montana and cormorant combination Ryan Wilson from Aberdeen had 9, D. Scott had 10 on a white diffick and Alec Dickson had 6 on the Bunny Leech.

The Winter League reached a very exciting finale on Sunday and the scores were so close going into the final session that any of the competitors could have won it, The top five weights accrued over the winter sessions in descending order were from Mike Cordiner, Ernie MacKay (Snr), Dave Taylor, Kris Wright and Kevin Neri.

The final was held at the Muckle Trout and a stiff westerly wind further tested competitors. Kevin Neri who had an exceptional day and emerged as the champion with 23 fish caught. Dave Taylor, last year’s winner fought hard to retain his title with 17 fish caught on the day but had to settle for 2nd place.