Don’t stick to Status Quo!

Anglers at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum have had to go down ,down deeper an` down to got among the fish as temperatures dropped. The first frosts whitened the grass along the banks and showed up the hundreds of spiders webs hanging on the reeds and bushes so it was off with the small summer buzzers and on with the bigger damsel nymphs , nomads and dancers for anglers as they adapted their styles to keep their rods bending. By lunchtime on some of the brighter days there was some surface activity as the water warmed slightly and this provided anglers with a chance to bring out the floaters and buzzers again.

At the start of the week Paul Shearing had a fine day with twelve on yellow dancers and wsw`s and Chris Field landed seven on lures.Thursday was the best day of the week weatherwise and S Munro found that his diawl bachs were popular with the trout,fifteen of whom were suitably impressed and were duly landed and returned.The yellow fritz was the choice of Gavin Howie who after a slow morning found that the fish came on in the afternoon and ended having a terrific day catching and releasing fifteen. Damsel Nymphs worked well for L Mess who had sixteen hard fighting fish. The same fly was the choice of John Freeland from Aberdeen who grassed a dozen while Robert Prentice kept three and released thirteen using a white fritz.

Haddo House anglers had their day out with G Donald taking first prize from M Main with J Parsons in third.

Finally word to the wise : in fishing there is a well known expression “always check your tackle” well Graham George failed to do this and discovered why while anglers all around him were catching fish he was only getting pulls on the line but no hook up`s.The reason was that there was no hook on his wsw. Lesson learned.