Ellon Darts League results

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Results for week nine of the Ellon Darts League season played on November 17:

180s: Lee Radford (St Olaf), Craig Finnie (Linsmohr), George Clubb (Buchan Tartan), Allan Whyte (Station Reds).

Quick legs: Noel Johnson (Legion B) 16, Ryan Wallace (Arms C) 18, Paul Monaghan (Linsmohr) 18, Kenny Aiken (Station A) 18, Alan Moir / Tam Buist (Legion A) 19, Kenny Aiken (Station A) 19.

High check-outs: James Richardson (Arms A) 110, Mike Penny (Station Reds) 127, Stewart McLeod (Buchan Tartan) 132, Ryan Wallace (Arms C) 138.

Results: Arms A 7, Station Reds 4; Buchan Tartan 9, Ythanview 2; Legion B 11, Arms B 0; Linsmohr 7, Legion A 4; St Olaf 3, Arms C 8; Station A 9, Bridge Bar 2.