Enjoyable sport at Lochter Fishery

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The winter Olympics at Sochi proved to be most enjoyable TV viewing particularly the new snowboarding events which saw athletes, most of whom seemed very young, hurtling down hazard strewn courses in packs varying from two to six.

During the week there have been plenty of well committed and mainly mature anglers out at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum using their skill and experience to outwit the shrewd overwintered fish in the three lochs. With the water in the Heron and Osprey Lochs remaining a bit cloudy, flies which showed up in the water and were visible to the trout were essential. The Muckle Troot loch was much clearer and a different choice of flies could be used there.

The Blobby Boys, Doug Mair and Bill Ferris had a successful time varying their tactics and using their favourite Blobs alongside black Buzzers to catch and release fourteen, with a best of 6lbs. Using a similar mix of lures and Buzzers, M Sutherland netted nine nice fish while Bruce Taylor reported that sport was great when the sun came out and he had a fine six pounder in his bag of 7, and wished the sun stayed out for longer. Going one better, another member of the clan Taylor, Ronnie, had an 8lb plus specimen in his bag of 8 all attracted by Montanas and a black Fritz.

Fishing has not been easy but persistence and the right tactics have seen sufficient fish coming to the net. Milder weather is predicted, good news for the comfort of anglers and it should help bring the water to life.