Floating lines the trick at Loch Insch

FISHING at the Loch Insch Fishery has carried on where it left off, before the big freeze.

Most anglers started off fishing the depths, but were going past where the trout were feeding. Sink tip or floating lines. were enough to do the trick, as Sandy Linton from Bucksburn found out.

Starting off with a bit of a struggle, he fished “Loch Insch” for about three hours only hooking three fish. A bit disheartened, he moved over to try his luck in “Kelloch” and using the same Sunburst Damsel, netted a further 27 rainbows, keeping two for just under 8lbs.

Mike Pirie from Stonehaven, returned 10 whilst fishing a black Bunny Leech, and Peter Rolinson from Kemnay, reached double figures, by netting his 10th fish with his last cast, whilst fishing a lure below an orange Blob.

K. Fraser from Aberdeen, released nine, using a Cut Throat Bunny, one of which weighed in at 8lbs,

Darren Crawford from Fraserburgh returned seven using a Bunny Leech, Bill Waldon from Portlethen, landed six, keeping two for just under 6lbs fishing an olive Damsel.

A. Watt and Paul Shearing from Cairnbulg, both returned five rainbows each whilst fishing lures.