Garioch enjoy a competitive weekend

GARIOCH Amateur Swimming Club spent a competitive weekend’s swimming across the country last weekend.

The senior swimmers, namely Emily Jones, Orla Adams, Alastair Miley and Robert Bryce together with their coaches Gitte and Carmel, travelled to East Kilbride where they were benefiting from Long Course competition at the 2012 West District Grand Prix.

At the younger end, Joseph Miley, Jessica Thomson and Shannon Crawford were improving on their personal best times, particularly Shannon getting an impressive 12 and 10 second personal best time in the 200 backstroke and 100 butterfly.

Gitte commented, “I could not have wished for a better team, my swimmers were a total pleasure and the best advert for the club we could ever wish for”

13 swimmers travelled closer to home where they competed at the SAS Junior Meet held at Westhill

Swimming Pool. Jemma Grant (14) showed clear signs of regaining her form by winning five gold medals in 800 freestyle, 400 freestyle, 200 backstroke, 400 IM, 200 butterfly, a silver medal in 200 IM, and two bronze medals in 200 breaststroke and 200 freestyle.

Rebecca Eggeling (11) deservedly won a gold medal in 200 butterfly achieving a six second personal best improvement, a silver medal in 200 IM and a bronze medal in 200 freestyle.

Heather McIntosh (11) won a silver medal in 800 freestyle getting an astonishing 1:6.30 personal best improvement.

Findlay Douglas (14) continued to make progress during his races by getting a 2:14.15 in his 200 freestyle alongside teammate Peter Holmes (14) who improved his 200 butterfly by four seconds. Megan Brown (11) gained a five second personal best on her 200 backstroke whilst Chloe Grant (11) swam with gusto to take time off in all of her events.

The 12 year olds Spencer O’Grady and Christy Johnston swam with great determination in the 200 backstroke along with Heather McIntosh, Hazel Johnston (14) and Sophie Stewart (12) in the 200 IM and Sophie McPhee (11) in the 200 freestyle to gain personal best times.

The grand finale was watching Jemma Grant swim with steely determination to win the 100m medley ‘Challenge Event’ coming first in each of the three rounds. Jemma also picked up the trophy for ‘Best overall 14 year old girl’. Well done Jemma!

Thanks go to the coaches / poolside helpers Courtney, Mandi, Carol and Dave Johnston, Garioch

officials, and the supportive swimmers who made this such a successful team event.