Good sport for fishers at Lochter last week

A wide variety of flies have been successful during the past week at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum.

It is often the case at this time of year when there is a big choice of natural food available that trout get a bit picky and anglers have to experiment to find what works best.

Natural looking Buzzers continued to work well with N Dow landing eight, Alan Logan seven, D Collie from Ellon six and top scorer Andrew Lindsay, a terrific day with 19. At the other end of the scale, Blobs were successful for Doug Mair with nine and J Moir whose colourful concoctions pulled in eight. On a cool wet Friday Peter Young had 13 using a mix of white Fritz and WSW`s while that wonderful effective fly, the Bibio was the choice of George Watt who landed eight hard fighting trout. Having a better than okay day was George Pirie who kept three and returned sixteen using an Okey Dokey.

Other flies which scored well included Crunchers fished on the top dropper and deer hair Emergers which were particularly effective pulled through the ripple. The trout were willing to chase them which always adds to the fun and excitement.

If the forecasters are to be believed we will be having a heatwave by the end of the week. This will bring out the fair-weather fishers and will make for pleasant days and evening angling for all.