It’s the 
blame game at Lochter Fishery

In the aftermath of the election some are rubbing their hands in glee, some are looking around for others to blame and some are looking for a job.

In the wonderful world of angling, although we do go around in small posse’s occasionally when it comes to the crunch if you don’t catch fish, you have nobody to blame but yourself. You chose the location, you decide the method to be used, you chose the flies and you cast them out upon the water.

At Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum during the past week there have been some rubbing their hands in glee while others have been crying into their beer.

Among the ‘glee-club’ members were Liam Stephen who had eight using these new fangled Squirmy Worms, Peter Young who caught and released 13 on Buzzers, Paul Baxter, who had a nice tie, with eight on Okay Dokey Buzzers and with very broad grin on his face, the happy chappy award went to George Abel who used Blobs and Bloodworms to catch and return 19 trout

At the time of writing it is wet but mild with swallows and martins scooping up flies as they hatch off the Lochs. This is good news for anglers who favour dry-fly and Buzzer fishing. There are plenty of trout rising and with temperatures set to lift prospects are good.