Lures rule at Lochter Fishery

There is a seasonality in most sports and this includes angling.

Certain methods and flies work best at certain times of the year and so on. At this time of year conditions are warming up and there is much fly life in evidence so natural style flies do well; not this year. The persistently cold winds at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum have kept the water temperatures down has reduced the fly life and this has had an effect on the fishing.

With trout lying deep lures have proved to be the business rather than Buzzers. Steve Prince had ten on Nomads, George Pirie 14 on an unspecified black lure, Peter Young ten on WSW’s, Bob Weir seven on a blue flash Damsel and Paul Allan eight on a green Fritz.

This was the pattern throughout the week with the strong wind making life more difficult at the weekend.

Les Mess mastered the conditions and caught and released 12 using a variety of flies and Harry Brown from Kemnay had a great day with 11 to his name all attracted by Damsels and

The forecast for this week is better with more settled conditions which should improve things. There are plenty of fish to catch and when conditions are right there will be a bonanza.