Spring is in the air at Lochter

SPRING has arrived, there is warmth in the sun, the gale force winds have abated and there is a general feeling of wellbeing in the air.

At Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum, anglers have been able to de-layer for the first time this year as temperatures have lifted. Water temperatures have also begun to move upwards and there is much more surface action as the trout pursue the increased fly life. This bodes well for anglers particularly those who like to fish Buzzers, Nymphs and even Dries.

Over the past week we have had the flavour of things to come with lures doing well but the smaller stuff coming into its own. Peter Young used a successful mix of WSW’s in the morning, the Buzzers towards the middle of the day, when things warmed up a little, and ended up with ten nice fish to his name. Yellow Dancers worked well for John Wright while Colin Wilson successfully used Okay Dokeys and Buzzers as did Les Mess who ended up with a fine bag of twelve.

There were quite a number of anglers reporting being broken by the savage takes of the overwintered trout and fishers are reminded that although 6lb is the minimum breaking strain permitted at Lochter, 8lb is better and last years, or even older, tippet material may have deteriorated and need replacing.

If the forecast is right then we can expect the fishing to get better and better as the water comes to life and fish came on the feed .