Summer League Takes Off

THE weather may be far from summery but time and tide waits for no man and the new style Lochter Summer League is now under way at Oldmeldrum.

Pairs have another week and a half of the first month left so there is still time for last minute entries for the £1000 first prize. They can pick any day in the month to participate through to the final in October. It is nice to see a large number of new faces in this years competition and most are very happy with their early efforts .Two family teams have started well; the Cowies, Richard and Nathan and the Mackays Ernie Snr and Ernie Jnr, both demonstrating excellent teamwork in these early stages.

During the week the weather has been a major factor in the fishing. The fluctuating temperatures putting the fish up in the water during the milder spells then down again when the temperatures dropped. Anglers had to adapt to the conditions and those who did were able to keep among the fish. On a cold and blustery Monday, R Williams did particularly well on the Muckle Troot loch using Bloodworms he caught and released 15, while Davy Wood stuck with his favoured WSW`s and had 11. Tom Teil used a variety of lures and was rewarded with a catch of nine.

By the middle of the week the monsoon swept in but that did not put off the dynamic duo of Dave Ewan and Graham George who, fortified with regular cups of tea, had 15between them. Using a Bunny Leech Alan O`Rourke caught and released a dozen while at the other end of the fly size scale, Buzzers worked for G McPherson who landed 11.

On Sunday when the conditions were only slightly better Jock Ewing grassed seven and Lyall Wilson six and again lures were the favoured method.

The forecast is for more of the same with temperatures slightly up which should improve things on the water.