Upturn in form contuinues for Inverurie Don Valley

Sitting on 156 with the last bowl, George Hadden hits a high one towards the boundary to give Inverurie a single for a total of 157.
Sitting on 156 with the last bowl, George Hadden hits a high one towards the boundary to give Inverurie a single for a total of 157.

After a first win of the season in the Aberdeenshire Cup at Cults six days earlier, Inverurie confirmed an upturn in form with a first league win against Ellon.

With a hot sun beating down Inverurie were asked to bat first and once again the innings was constructed around George Hadden who batted throughout for 86 not out. He has now made 143 runs since he was last dismissed and this has been the decisive factor in Inverurie’s improved performances on the batting side of the equation. Norval was lbw early on and McLeod was another victim of the run out epidemic which has been hampering Inverurie of late, but steady innings from Coutts and Murrison gave Hadden the support needed as a competitive total was constructed.

The final overs were a little disappointing as Sattya took five wickets with his offspin as the lower order unsuccessfully attempted to hit out. The final score of 157-8 felt a little light but certainly gave the bowlers something to work with.

Moore led the attack with a great opening spell which saw a great caught and bowled at ankle level to dismiss Sattya and then the older Veldsmann drove aerially to mid off. When Coutts found the outside edge of White’s bat Ellon were 19-3 and Inverurie were right on top.

Brian Veldsmann was still at the crease, however, and he would qualify as an Inverurie bogey batsman who has played several damaging innings in the past with a high percentage of his runs coming in boundaries.

Wilson showed impressive pace and hostility and if he could improve his consistency he could become a quality bowler. He definitely needs to work on his appealing though, and after two ultra-polite inquiries were answered in the negative a third timid asking of the question had the umpires finger up.

With Veldsman still scoring freely and Wolridge-Gordon batting with good application and intent the game swung back in the balance as Ellon pushed on passed 100 with the run rate under control. The return of Moore struck the vital blow with a large slice of fortune attached as first ball Veldsmann dragged a wide ball back onto his stumps. This seemed to knock the heart out of the Ellon chase and Jessamin finished them off in devastating fashion with three wickets in an over, courtesy of two lbws and a catch at slip by Coutts.

Inverurie 157-8 (46 overs): G Hadden 86 not out, S Murrison 28, G Coutts 24, Sattya 5-37

Ellon 104: B Veldsman 38, C Wolridge-Gordon 26 not out, J Moore 3-25, J Jessamin