Variety is the ticket at Lochter

At certain times of year, particular flies or methods work best and are favourites with anglers at Lochter Fishery.

Now that autumn is upon us, temperatures are dropping and there is a huge choice of natural food available for the trout. As a consequence anglers are using a wide variety of methods to successfully attract the fish.

Dave Mackay, from Kintore, used a Green Pea and black Buzzers as conditions changed to connect with 13 fish including one nice brown trout, while Sandy Carrol, of the Frigate Bar Anglers, tempted eight using Buzzers and Dancers.

Brown trout are featuring more and more on the catch list as they are feeding themselves up for winter with several in the 3/4lb class coming to the net.

There have been big hatches of crane flies round the lochs and these get blown on to the water tempting the trout. M Slessor, from Aberdeen, used artificial Daddies and had eight trout to his name while J Rench used a combination of Minkies and Daddies to keep three and release ten.