Young swimmers in action for GASC

THE first competition of the new year for Garioch Amateur Swimming Club took place at Westhill Swimming Pool on January 17 and 18 January, as the younger swimmers competed in the SAS Junior meet.

There were excellent swims across the board, with 21 medals being won and some fine PBs, each supported by the highly vocal and enthusiastic team who added greatly to the exciting atmosphere.

Gold medals were won by Shannon Crawford (14) in the 800 free and 400IM, Heather McIntosh (13) in the 200 fly and by Phelim McNally (12) in the 200 fly.

Silver medals were also achieved by Shannon in the 25 and 200M backstroke, by Austeja Ernuite (13) in the 200 breaststroke, Christy Johnston (14) in the 25M breaststroke and by Spencer O’Grady (14) in the 25 and 200 backstroke, 400IM and 200 fly.

There were bronze medals for Austeja in the 400IM, Isla Johnston (11) in the 200 fly, Heather McIntosh in the 200 breaststroke, 400 free, 200IM and 200 free and Daniel McNally (14) in the 25 free, 25 fly and 200 free.

Shannon, Christy and Spencer all made the finals of the very competitive and exciting 100IM Russian Roulette event where they had to swim three consecutive 100IMs with a different order of stroke each time. They received brilliant support from their team-mates who raised the roof with their encouragement.

Max Hitchcox, Daniel McKenzie, Lauren and Sophie McPhee, Gemma and Nicole Ogg, Lauren Stewart and Hannah Strachan all swam very well throughout the week-end and there were some fantastic PBs in evidence from all these very promising swimmers. Well done to all in continuing to make such strong progress.

Gitte Whitehead coached the team throughout the meet, inspiring the youngsters to swim fast and encourage one another at all times and her example was instrumental in the team performing so well. She was ably helped by Donna McNally and Pat McKenzie. Other parents helped out too, performing official duties in time-keeping and judging. Thanks to all for their continued support.