A sport for all ages at Lochter

Angling has long been associated with older gentlemen, clad in stout tweed suits or Barbour jackets and invariably wearing battered hats or bonnets festooned with a garish assortment of fly hooks.

At Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum over the past couple of weeks, since the schools broke up, there have been many of the afore mentioned gentleman in evidence, but this time accompanied by grandchildren anxious to catch a nice trout for the barbeque. It is great to see the skills being passed down through the generations and a joy to hear the whoops of excitement when a trout is hooked, brought to the net and the “priest” brought into action.

During the past week anglers have had to vary their tactics to keep among the fish as the weather conditions altered.

David Frater used Crunchers to tempt 10 and fishing companion Jimmy Ryce used PTH’s to land six.

Greig Preece from Northern Ireland also stuck with naturals and had eight snatchers. Dries have also done well, Robb Leask had nine on Hoppers and B Whyte fifteen on small dries.

Lures had their successes also. George Abel netting eight on a mix of Blobs and lures . Albert Trail seven on a white WSW and Alan Morgan nine on Blobs.

The mixed weather is forecast to continue so different tactics will be necessary.

Dries will be increasingly successful particularly as the crane flies ( Daddy Long Legs) become more common as will happen any time now .