Anglers out in spite of cold

Fishing like many other sports and activities has a certain addictive quality about it. The need to get out for a cast becomes overwhelming and sensible people, who should know better, find themselves standing on the bank of some river or loch,absolutely freezing!

This was in evidence at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum at the weekend when angling addicts descended in numbers and filled the Weather Conditions column of the catch record with entries including “cauld”, “freezin”, “cold wind”and “chitterin”.

In spite of the cold, the fishing has been fine. Lures have predominated but Nymphs and Buzzers have also met with success. Paul Gardiner had a great day with 15 all mesmerised by the allure of his yellow dancer. Bill Bain had ten on the slightly plainer but none the less attractive Damsel. WSW’s worked for K Macfarlane who had eight, Charlie Currie who also had eight and M Pirie who caught and released ten.

Among the successful Buzzer and Nymph brigade were James Farquhar with eight, Pete Green who had fourteen and Peter the Pole who kept three out of his bag of ten, all caught on Buzzers.