Bringing in the harvest at Lochter Fishery

All around the Aberdeenshire countryside the combines are being greased and serviced ready for the next few weeks of frenetic activity as the harvest is brought home.

Hopefully for the farmers, there will be good yields, quality grain and nice prices.

At Lochter Fishery in Oldmeldrum, there has been a reasonable harvest of trout for a time of year which is traditionally testing. Anglers have certainly had to ring the changes to keep the trout coming to the net.

Buzzers and Dries have been effective as Fred Mitchell found, keeping two and returning eight. Bill Archibald had an excellent evening session netting eight on dries and Jim Brown caught and released a dozen on Buzzers and a P.T.N.

Blobs and lures continued to work, with George Abec grassing nine, Doug Mair fourteen and Dave Barron nine.

There are shoals of sticklebacks and minnows in all the lochs and flies which imitated these such as sparklers and silver bodied Cormorants have done well and will do even better as the Autumn approaches and the trout switch on to this top source of food.

The harvest brings with it great falls of corn lice so small black flies will also score well in the next few weeks.