Cat’s Whisker is the winner

Angling is a nice relaxing sport, gets you out in the countryside, in the fresh air, a healthy pursuit and a wonderful way to reduce stress.

However, there are frustrating moments which can result in slightly raised blood pressure. A big fankle or birds nest in your leader is one and another is to be standing casting away and not getting so much as a touch while fifty yards along the bank another angler is nonchalantly landing fish after fish!

At Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum, on Sunday Bill Bain had adjacent anglers scratching their heads and wondering what he was using as he caught steadily while others struggled.

Bill ended his session with thirteen and his secret was the ever deadly Cats Whisker.

Interestingly enough, earlier in the week it was dark coloured flies that the trout preferred. Matt Clark, from Edinburgh, had eight on a black and green lure, Simon Ruddiman landed nine including one specimen estimated at eight pounds on the same lure which also worked for Graham Riley who grassed eight.

The water temperature has increased a little from 4.7 degrees to 5.1, not really sufficient to bring the water fully to life but encouraging nevertheless for the Nymph and Buzzer brigade who, if the trend continues, will see their sport take off.