Change in weather helps fishers at Loch Insch

THERE has been a big change in the weather since the turn of the year at Loch Insch Fishery, and the rainbows are feeding very well.

Dave Leggat from Aberdeen had an amazing afternoons fishing, which saw him net 30 rainbows when using a Bunny Leech. Companion, Bill Whyte from Mintlaw, released 26 while using the same lure.

Jonathan Petrie from Aberdeen, kept two for 5lbs and returned a further 28 using various lures, while Sandy Linton from Bucksburn, released 23 fish after keeping two for 5 1/2lbs using a Bunny Leech and an orange Blob.

Willie Miller from Kennethmont, netted 19 rainbows on a black lure, and Richard Ovington kept two for 5 3/4lbs and released a further 15 fish. Ross Middleton from Aberdeen, had an ace day returning 12 using various flies and Alan Collie from Wartle, retuned 12 while fishing a Sunburst Damsel. James French from Macduff, released 10 using a Bloodworm, K. Hutcheon returned eight and W. Bonner returned seven also fishing a Bloodworm. Regular junior angler Joe Wilson from Midmar, landed his personal best at the fishery of 3lbs 6ozs on a pink Bunny Leech.