Garioch gymnasts at Sapphire Floor & Vault

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Garioch’s Novice and Advanced gymnasts travelled to Glasgow last weekend for the Sapphire Floor & Vault gymnasts.

Excellent results were achieved by the 32 strong team winning a total of 42 medals as well as medalling in every age group we entered.

Full results:

10/11 BEGINNERS - Team GOLD – Lily Black, Kyah Campbell-Smith, Reegan Robson & Maddison Chalmers. Liuly Black – 5 th Overall, BRONZE Floor Kyah Campbell-Smith – 6 th Overall, BRONZE Vault Maddison Chalmers – BRONZE Vault. Also competing – Eleanor Peacock.

12+ BEGINNERS- Team SILVER – Mathilda Ripley, Tallis Robson, Niamh Brown & April Taylor, Mathilda Ripley – BRONZE Vault.

8/9 BEGINNER- Team SILVER – Kaycee Massie, Issy peacock, Clara Paris & Cara Johnston, Kaycee Massie – SILVER Overall, GOLD Vault, Issy Peacock – SILVER Vault, Gemma Krasjuk - BRONZE Vault, Clara Paris – GOLD Floor.

8/9 BOYS- Thomas Lyon – SILVER Overall, SILVER Vault, BRONZE Floor


Team GOLD – Emily Killicoat, Aimee Aitken & Eva Florentsdottir, Emily Killicoat – GOLD Overall, GOLD Floor, Aimee Aitken – SILVER Overall, SILVER Floor, BRONZE Vault, Eva Florentsdottir – BRONZE Overall, BRONZE Floor, SILVER Vault

10/11 INTERMEDIATE- Team BRONZE – Anna Fleming, Anya Bramwell, Thelma Florentsdottir & Anna MacKay, Thelma Florentsdottir – GOLD Floor, Anya Bramwell – BRONZE Vault. Also competing – Andrea Jaramillo.

12+ INTERMEDIATE - Rebekah Johnston – BRONZE Overall, BRONZE Vault, BRONZE Floorm, Ellie Simpson – BRONZE Vault. Also competing – Camilla Florentsdottir, Megan Lawrence, Eve Fraser, Sophie Norris & Kelsey-Marie Whyte.