Glitter girls compete in Perth and Cumbernauld

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It was a very busy weekend for Garioch Gymnastics glitter girls who competed in Caumbernauld and Perth at the end of November .

The weekend of competition was kick started by Rebecca-Ann Greig and Josephine Wright who competed in Cumbernauld in the Compulsory level 3 competition on Saturday, November 26.

Rebecca and Josephine have worked very hard all year in order to compete at this tough level of competition which, in order to pass, the girls have to achieve an overall score of 50 or over.

Both the girls passed with flying colours, displaying some fantastic gymnastics and making everyone at Garioch very proud.

Saturday also saw the level 5 team girls compete in Perth.

The team, made up of Savannah Cordiner, Alexa Thom, Olivia Allan-Cook, Natasha Masson and Emily Cook did very well against tough competition coming 11 th out of 29 teams. The icing on the cake was Natasha winning BRONZE on beam and GOLD overall.

Sunday ,November 27, was the turn of Garioch’s level 4 girls and the team for Gordon Forster.

The level 4 team made up of Kirsten Wood, Lucy Rae, Emily Morrison, Eryn Thom and Olivia Cordiner came a very impressive 5 th place with Kirsten displaying a brand new somersaulting vault – a great achievement considering a lot of these girls do not have access to a pitted facility in order to train such hard moves.

The Gordon Forster team completed the busy weekend of competition coming a fantastic 4 th place.

The team consisted of Izzy Tolometti, Joanne Lowe, Megan Wright, Erin Fraser and Brooke Masson.