Latest from Lochter

To this day, I remember the wise words of my grannie “never let a day go by without learning something”.

Nowadays, such is the speed of change that no matter how hard you try to absorb and learn things it is difficult, especially for us more mature people, to keep up with changet.

We now have nano technology where once we had split cane, breathable jackets where once we had oilskins and now we have hotty dancers, poledancers and coral dancers in addition to squirmy worms.

During the past week at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum, Ronnie Ewen used a team of cormorants and his own unique tweeking retrieve to record bags of 24 and 20 on two visits. Lenny Davidson also used cormorants to net ten while buzzers were the choice of Dave Wright who caught and released 13.

William Downie had ten on blobs, Roy Anderson ten on diawl bachs and cormorants and G. Alexander 11 using a mix of buzzers and nymphs.

Dries had success. S. Inglis had eight as did C. McLean and the experienced Harry Hughes, twelve using hoppers and CDC shuttlecocks.