Latest news from Garioch Gymnastics

Three gymnasts from Garioch Gymnastics Club in Inverurie recently returned from representing their country at the British Finals of National Grade 1.

All three gymnasts were chosen for the Scottish team following a regional qualifying competition in April.

Out of the four-strong team, three of them hailed from Garioch.

A remarkable achievement at the highest level of the National Grades.

Joanne Lowe (16 from Strichen), Leandra Gray (14 from Turriff) and Leah Reid (13 fromKemnay) travelled to Stoke along with one of the Garioch coaches – Emily Bull andanother – Cathy Osborne who was judging at the event.

Up against some very tough competition the Scottish team placed a credible 10 th placebut the icing on the cake was a bronze medal finish for Joanne Lowe on Vault in her first competition representing her country.

Meanwhile, The Garioch Glitter Girls had a great day at the North of Scotland Floor and Vault competition.

Up against tough competition they showed some fantastic vaults and floor routines.

Participating in the competition were: Lexie Bathgate, Grace Dinnes, Marli Heineman, Aimee Aitken, Anna Troup, Emily Killicoat, Lily Milne, Madison Coull, Eva Florentsdottir, Gracie Price, Kelsey-Marie Whyte, Ellie Simpson, Anna MacKay, Anna Fleming Ellis Welsh, Thelma Florentsdottir, Ruby Fraser, Andra Jaramillo, Anya Bramwell, Louise Jolly, Camilla Florentsdottir, Sophie beaton, Eloise Williams, Emma-Jay bruce, Josie McLeod, Sophie-Lou Norris, Aicha Sutcliffe, Hannah Walker , Megan Lawrence, Brooke Coull, Alanna Urquhart, Mhairi West and Eve Fraser.

Finally, Garioch’s performance girls certainly didn’t disappoint at the weekend when they competed at NDP Grades 6 and 5 in Perth.

All the girls achieved success and against tough and numerous competition they really held their own.

Every Garioch gymnast passed their Grade with Distinction.

They were: Melody Tobing, Amy Allan, Katie Peel, Aimee Duncan (All Grade 6 In age with distinction), Matangi Sankriti (Grade 6 out of age with distinction), Emily Cook, Paige Mathieson and Alexa Thom (All Grade 5 In age).