North District success for Garioch gymnasts

The Garioch Gymnasts celebrate their successes at the North District Novice & Intermediate Competition
The Garioch Gymnasts celebrate their successes at the North District Novice & Intermediate Competition

Garioch Gymnastics Club excelled at the North District Novice & Intermediate Competition on Sunday.

Congratulations to the gymnasts and their coaches.

8/9 Beginner:

Alexa Thom: Gold Overall, Gold Floor; Emily Cook: Silver Overall, Silver Vault; Anya Bramwell: Bronze Vault.

Team Gold: Alexa Thom, Emily Cook, Matangi Sankriti, Kelsie Milne and Paige Mathieson .

Team Fourth: Anna Fleming, Anna Brown, Anya Bramwell and Thelma Florenstsdottir.

Team Eighth: Gracie Price, Lucy Robertson and Anna Troup.

10/11 Beginner:

Alanna Urquhart: Bronze Overall.

Team Silver:

Louise Jolly, Erin Neish, Brooke Coull, Ellie Simpson and Alanna Urquhart.

Also competing:

Mhairi West.

12+ Beginner:

Team Fourth: Robyn Hamilton, Erin Smith, Eve Fraser and Megan Lawrence.

8/9 Intermediate:

Anna MacKay: Silver Overall, Gold Vault; Andrea Jaramillo: Bronze Floor.

Team Gold:Andrea Jaramillo, Ruby Fraser, Anna MacKay and Isla Elrick.

10/11 Intermediate - Camilla Florentsdottir: Bronze Overall, Silver Vault; Eloise Williams: Bronze Floor; Aicha Sutcliffe: Bronze Vault.

Team Silver: Camilla Florentsdottir, Sophie-Lou Norris, Eloise Williams and Aicha Sutcliffe.

Team Sixth: Kelsey-Marie Whyte, Elizabeth Gilbert and Ellie Welsh

12+ Intermediate - Rachael Morrison: Gold Vault.

Also competing: Josie McLeod.

Garioch won the Beginners Overall Best Club shield for the second year in a row.

This trophy is awarded to the club with the highest team scores in each age group in the Beginners section.

As the North District no longer hold a District Championships for the elite 4-piece gymnasts in the area, the original trophies are presented to the highest scoring gymnast in each age group from the Scottish Championships in 2014.

The trophies are presented at this competition as it is the only annual event ran by the North District.

The competitions are:

Voluntary Level 5 – 8 year olds; Voluntary Level 4 – 9 year olds; Voluntary Level 3 – 10 year olds (not awarded this year); Voluntary Level 2 – 11 year olds.

Scottish Championships: Espoir (12 & 13 years), Junior (14 & 15 years) & Senior (16+ years).

Garioch Gymnasts won all five of the trophies on offer with the results being as follows:

Level 5 (8 Yrs) Champion: Rebecca-Ann Greig; Level 4 (9 Yrs) Champion: Layla Williams;

Level 3 (10 Yrs) Champion: Brooke Masson; Junior Champion: Izzy Tolometti; Senior Champion: Beth McCaw.