Rabbie Burns Pairs Postponed

“The best laid schemes O mice and men gan aft agley” and so it was for the Rabbie Burns pairs angling competition scheduled for Burn’s Day, January 25, at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum.

The “Bitter Biting North” had iced up the Lochs rendering fishing out of the question.

However it is not all bad news for at the time of writing the Muckle Troot Loch is ice free and the Osprey Loch is being cleared by the wind and waves. The strong winds are due to continue which should prevent any more ice forming and the competition will go ahead this Sunday, February 1, at 9am.

There were some keen souls willing to thole ‘the winter sleety dribble and cranreuch cauld“ during the week and most had a good, if cold day. Stuart Anderson tempted five with a slowly retrieved Damsel while his fishing buddy Charlie Mcleod beat him by one with six all on WSW.

Lures have been working well with olive and white being the most successful colours.

Anglers have had to fish deep and slow to find and attempt the trout. This is likely to be the way of things until the weather warms and lifts the water temperature.